There are times when going to a dark place surrounded by people really is the worst idea ever. The small things that make you keep going are mostly insignificant compared to the gravity of your other options, but they do have just about enough weight to stall you. Hard as it may be, life sometimes is just rolling with the punches… And no other way to fight back than just keep going.


Amids the dizzy height
Of a towering darkness
I said goodbye
To life, to loved ones
Inside my mind

Tears rolling down my face
Every time I conjured up
Another face of those
Whom I'd tear apart
By acting out this dark fantasy

With the small line
I just would not cross
A delicate balancing act
High above the crowd

Just a single step
And several seconds away
I longed for the hard embrace
Of the earth below

But I did not fall down
Instead I quietly fell apart
Out of sight
Out of earshot

I never want to balance like that again
I might just lose the next balancing act.

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