Sometimes all you need is that little tiny spark of recovery, a message from the heart, a flame that can ignite that you have been missing so desperately. Giving way to a light feeling inside of the soul, lessening the burden. Just knowing you are either not alone, or that there are people out there that genuinely just want to help, lift a piece of the weight that may be dragging others down. Giving a voice to those who think they never will be heard, who fear to be alone. I guess this is a thank you for all those brave enough to speak up, for all those that share their story and let others be privy to their darkest secrets, to those who inspire and motivate and in doing so regain pieces they themselves thought lost. I can only speak for myself, and hopefully I can be of similar importance to others as these people are to me.

I am not my depression, I am not my broken past, I am not the status I have gained, nor the one I failed to achieve. I am who I am because I am still here, in spite of all hardships, wishes and dark thoughts. I persevere and that is quite something and in no small bit each of you reading this, and each of the stories I have read, have all made all of this possible, so I guess I am saying thank you, for your inspiration, your patience, for noticing and for sharing.

I lack the words
cannot describe clearly
what pain has been endured
and what is held so dearly

but your words resonate
ring loud and strong
echoing long past the voice
that tries to prove me wrong

I feel I lack the strength
that is needed to fight
when all I see is darkness
while looking for some light

but there is no need to feel alone
when the world has such beauty to give
and as long as we aid each other
we all have a chance to truly live.


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