Sometimes I feel like I am fluttering on the wind, unable to really set a course and doing a bit of everything, other days I do reach the nectar I so fondly chase after. Life sometimes really is like a butterfly in a summer breeze. You can end up anywhere really and set off at any time, to anywhere else. Life is a discovery adventure, I hope to be able to keep on exploring.


The world seems
like it is always
changing, twisting
reforming and different
not like it used to be
Sometimes hard
other times gentle
even unfair 
at times
But life is not an organism
it is what you 
feel, see, think
experience, love
cherish and abhor
Life is dark
and it is light
Filled with treasure
in every shape 
and form
We just flutter by
like a butterfly
in a soft breeze,
from flower
to flower.

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